The Film


The beauty of nature, the importance of friendship and the unpredictable perils of fate are each the subject and the breathtaking form of Thomas W. Oliver’s cinematic experience Raven Fork.

Living in the mountains of Western North Carolina, two friends Dave (Glenn LaPlante) and Blake (Frank Jordan) find life, friendship, and adrenaline in a whitewater paradise.

While passing their time traveling from kayak trip to kayak trip the two make plans to run their most ambitious river to date; the class V Raven Fork, a river carved deep in the heart of the rugged Appalachian wilderness.

A tragic river accident followed by a self-destructive tailspin explores the emotion of life itself, the search for closure, and the momentum of the human spirit to prevail.

Cast & Crew

Dave - Glenn LaPlante Blake - Frank Jordan Barker - Eamonn McCullough Lisa - Suzanne Warren
Brice - Bryce Evans Katie - Chelsie Christiani Sidney - Kari Fields Pete - John Grace
Sarah - Sara Bell      


Charles Armentrout, Blake Arnett, Joey Baranski, Joe Barkley, Trey Chase, Collin Cook, Leland Davis, Daniel Delavergne, Brice Evans, Al Gregory, Abe Hayes, Chris Harjes, Doug Helms, Katie Hilleke, Tommy Hilleke, Frank Jordan, Brad Kee, Barry Kennon, Brian Knight, Joe Little, Dave Mathews, Steven Matz, Brent Meadows, Jason Murell, Chris Oblinger, Thomas Oliver, Jason Parker, Bo Wallace


Thomas W. Oliver